Saturday, May 06, 2006

Six Nations Will Not Negotiate with Terrorists

This from Kahentinetha Horn, dated May 4th:

We are the victims. Our land has been stolen. Canada claims it's there to protect us. So, why are we under siege? It's like a bank robbery, but instead of running off with the loot, the thieves took over the whole building and sold it to somebody else. While they were gone, we sneaked in the back door and mounted a guard to keep out the people who had taken over the stolen goods. They were in the process of fencing it to someone else. That's when the original crooks sent in their armed forces and attacked us and then held us hostage.


Then while they put their guns to our heads, they demanded to negotiate with us. For what? They want all the jewels and money in the bank vault and the bank too. Then they say they'll let us go. This is terrorism! No one should negotiate with terrorists, we heard.

The robbers are sending a patsy in to "negotiate" with us, to tell us about the cement shoes that await us if we don't tow the line. He's bringing us the message from the liars, embezzlers and thieves. He wants us to take down our protective barricades. Are we crazy or what? People all over the world are watching this hostage taking and putting pressure on Canada. Canada is trying to stop getting the information out.

We know a thing or two about robbers and thieves. We can't put our guard down. Canada's got a stakeout with yellow tape around us telling everybody to stay away so they can make a secret deal with an imposter. They took him out to a steak dinner and to a hockey game hoping he would sign a surrender on our behalf. We won't go along with that. We can get by on baloney. That's all we've had to eat for the last 200 years. No offence to the people of Bologna Italy. This colonial idiom has nothing to do with their food. "Get your gun toting goons out of here", that's all we want right now. If Canada is going to refuse to protect us, the least it can do is to stop backing thievery.

We want their "Big Don" – whoever is running their gang – to tell them to back off.

We heard that there is a big law somewhere out there that is supposed to protect us. The big Don knows about this. A long time ago to keep the peace they agreed to this pact. We want everyone to shame the big Don and his gang into obeying the big laws.

We can't negotiate with these gangsters. We just want these bullies to give us back our property and to stay away from us.

If the Don doesn't go along with this, we'll have to send for our 'family' to come and help us. They don't like anyone picking on us. You never know. There might be repercussions all over the place if something happens to us. Now they're getting all our neighbors to gang up on us too. They used to bitch and complain about us but they always traded with us without any trouble. They didn't have the nerve to come in and kill us because they know that we will do whatever we have to do to defend ourselves. The next thing they did was to hire some thugs from far away to hang around outside and scream and threaten us. They want us to react to this so they can finish us off.

In the meantime the gangsters are creating all kinds of diversions to take everybody's mind off what's really happening. They don't want to give us back our goods and to release us. They want us to shut up about it and go away. Where? Farther down the rabbit hole where they are always trying to shove us?

We have to stay focused. We have to hang on for the sake of our kids and their kids and so on. This is not a weekend picnic. If we are attacked, what will we do? Some of our people might get hurt or killed, but this is no reason for us to give in. We will fight in the best way we know how. We really don't have the right to give up.

Hey, you guys in that big criminal organization in Ottawa, we know you've given us the "kiss of death". We'll turn around and show you where to place your kiss!

Kahentinetha Horn MNN Mohawk Nations News  

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