Monday, December 03, 2012

Getting Back to the Blog?

As some of you may have noticed - those kind few of you who may still check in here - Sketchy Thoughts has been somewhat comatose for the past months (!), and not for the first time. A while back, Nate, over at the What In the Hell blog, enumerated some of the factors that i too feel make it tough  to always keep up with posting ... and he posts about 20-30 times more frequently than i do!

So what to do...

Going to try to get back into this, perhaps leaning on a few supports - one dear comrade usefully suggested that i post excerpts of articles or books that i find useful, and that will be a good start - and also will continue posting writings my other comrades, who for one reason or another may not have their own blog or site, but whose work i find valuable.

No promises, but hopefully more will appear in the days (hours?) to come...

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