Thursday, May 27, 2010

Montreal Anarchist Bookfair this weekend May 29-30!

MAY 29-30, 10am-5pm
at the CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle
(a short walk from Lionel-Groulx metro)
FREE. Welcome to all!

For anarchists and people curious about anarchism.

Check out the HIGHLIGHTS below: Main Hall, Kid Zone, Introductions to Anarchism, Workshops and Presentations, Film Room, Indigenous Solidarity Room, Anarchist Parents Discussion Room, Anti-Capitalist Resistance Room, Anarchist Cabaret, Festival of Anarchy and more.

Participants from all over Quebec and North America, booksellers and vendors, workshops, films, discussions, kids activities, art exhibits and more!

NOTE: During this year’s Bookfair, tabling will take place over TWO DAYS: May 29-30, between 10am-5pm.

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The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair -- and month-long Festival of Anarchy -- bring together anarchist ideas and practice, through words, images, music, theatre and day-to-day struggles for justice, dignity and collective liberation.

The Bookfair is for people who don't necessarily consider themselves anarchists, but are curious about anarchism, as well as a space for anarchists to meet, network and share in a spirit of respect and solidarity. All are welcome.

The Bookfair is organized in a spirit of openness towards the different traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism. Together we share a commitment to promoting anarchism through the values of mutual aid, grassroots democracy, direct action, autonomy and solidarity, while opposing oppression in all its forms.

The Bookfair and Festival of Anarchy provide an important gathering and reference point for anti-authoritarian ideas and practice in North America.



MAIN HALL: The Bookfair features over 100 booksellers, distributors, independent presses, zines and political groups from all over Montreal, Quebec and North America, and abroad. This year’s out-of-town vendors come from France, England, Switzerland, Belgium & Sweden; Oakland, Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati, New York City, Indiana, Virginia, New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Vermont; Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Fredericton, Halifax, Guelph, London Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston & Ottawa; Trois-Rivières, Drummondville, Saguenay-Lac St-Jean & Quebec City; and more! For a full list of vendors, visit:

KID ZONE!: Fun activities, snacks, outdoor games, craft room, quiet space and more for all interested kids (and their parents):

ART & ANARCHY: Art & Anarchy brings together the creations of dozens of anarchist-inspired artists and organizers. This year’s exhibition will include sculptures, paintings, posters, banners, drawings, and other multi-media forms. info:

- On Saturday, May 29 at 1pm:
  • Anarchism and Its Aspirations (Cindy Milstein)
  • The ABSs of Anarchism (Anna Kruzynski & Marco Silvestro)

- On Sunday, May 30 at 1pm:
  • Anarchism without Anarchists / Anarchism with Anarchists: The Practice and Relevance of Anarchism (Jaggi Singh)
  • The History of Anarchism in Quebec (Mathieu Houle-Courcelles)


  • 11am: Refusing to Be Abused: Histories and Present Realities of Copwatch as a Tool Against Police Repression (Copwatch Montreal & Winnipeg)
  • 11am: Self-Management versus Capitalist Management (Nicolas van Caloen)
  • 1pm: Building land defence and anti-colonial resistance movements: Becoming a force to be reckoned with (Shabina Lafleur-Gangji & Matt Soltys)
  • 3pm: Solidarity City: Migrant justice and the everyday practice of mutual aid and direct action
  • 3pm: One Big Union and revolutionary syndicalist movements in Quebec and in Canada (Mathieu Houle-Courcelles)
  • 3pm : Practical strategies for anarchist writing (Alexis Shotwell)

  • 11am: Anarchism and Riots (Marc-André Cyr)
  • 11am: Panel: Taking Ourselves Seriously: Developing Strategy for Social – Transformation (Chris Dixon, Cindy Milstein and Maia Ramnath)
  • 12pm: Anarchist Writers of Fiction Meeting (facilitated by Norman Nawrocki)
  • 1pm: Basic Computer Security (the Koumbit Network)
  • 3pm: Eugenics in Anarchism and Feminism (AJ Withers & Griffin Epstein)
  • 3pm: Capitalist Authority versus Anti-Colonial Breakout: The example of the militant direct-action Civil Rights movement in one Northern u.s. city, 1960-1965 (J. Sakai)
  • 3pm: Sea Piracy and Anarchism: Beyond the myths (Marco Silvestro)

FILM ROOM (Saturday, May 29):
  • Deux roues sur terre (Guillaume Girard, 2009, 66 min., FR, Uruguay / Canada)
  • Slug love (J. Mary Burnet, 2009, 3min.30, EN, Canada)
  • Contre-culture à vendre (Pierre-Luc Junet, 2009, 7 min., FR, Québec)
  • Tortilleria (Chloé Germain-Thérrien, 2010, 3min.30, no dialogue, Québec)
  • Motions for web (Anita Schoepp, 2010, 4 min., no dialogue, Québec)
  • I didn’t know what to say to him (Jessica McCormack and Stephen Brown, 2008 7 min., EN, Québec)
  • Psychic Capital (Jessica McCormack and Rae Spoon, 2009, 16 min., EN, Québec)
  • If CSIS comes knocking (People's Commission Network, 6 min., EN, 2010, Québec)
  • Interviews from Defenders of the Land 2008 (45 min. excerpt, 2008, Winnipeg)
  • Regards de société : Afrique, Palestine, Montréal (Santiago Bertolino and Steve Patry, 2009-2010, 65 minutes, FR, Québec)
  • Les Anarchistes (2009, 25 min., FR, France)
  • Whatever happened to Who’s Emma (Lyndall Musselman, 2009, 27 min., EN, Canada)

  • 11am: 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance (with Gord Hill, Kwakwaka’wakw)
  • 1pm: Justice for Missing, Murdered and Disappeared Indigenous Women (with Bridget Tolley, Algonquin from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg)
  • 3pm: 20 Years Since Oka: Kanienkehaka Communities in Resistance (with Clifton Arihwakehte a member of the Kanehsatake Mohawk Community)

  • 11am: Alternative Birthing (presenters include Martine Quimper, Melissa Bellemare, Francine Rhéault and others)
  • 12pm: Radical Learning and Education (with the Rad School, Cap Libre, Jerry Mintz from the Alternative Education Resource Organization in New York, Kamala Bhusal of Sri Aurobindo Ashram/Orphanage in Nepal and others)
  • 3pm: Supporting parents dealing with state authorities

  • Toronto Community Mobilization Network (TCMN)/Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance (SOAR)
  • G20, Power and the Economic Crisis (Coalition féministe radicale contre le G20)
  • Student Resistance to the G20 (le Regroupememt Anti-G20 Étudiant (RAGE))
  • The Economic and Ecological Crisis of Capitalism (presented by the popular education of the
  • Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC2010))

ANARCHIST CABARET (Friday, May 28, at Il Motore, 179 Jean-Talon Ouest): A kick-off and benefit for the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair. A night of music, hip hop and dancing: Micros Armés, Dramatik, Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble, Emrical and Don’t Put Charles on the Money. info:

FESTIVAL OF ANARCHY: The entire month of May in Montreal is part of the Festival of Anarchy, with diverse anarchist-themed events occurring at different venues all over the island of Montreal. info:

DONATIONS: The proceeds from this year’s Montreal Anarchist Bookfair will support the DIRA Anarchist Library (Montreal) and the new Anarchist Bookfair Accessibility Fund. info:

Curious about anarchism? Check us out!


On FRIDAY, May 28, after 8pm: We’ll be at Il Motore (179 Jean-Talon Ouest) for the Anarchist Cabaret.

On SATURDAY, May 29 and SATURDAY, May 30, 10am-5pm: This year’s Anarchist Bookfair is taking place in two buildings, which are across from each other. Our main space is the CEDA (2515 Delisle), and adult education and community center based in Little Burgundy/St-Henri, site of the Bookfair for the past 8 years. We are also using the Georges-Vanier Cultual Center across from the CEDA.

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