Thursday, April 10, 2008

[New York City] Second Annual NYC Anarchist Bookfair

Saturday April 12, NYC
The Second Annual NYC Anarchist Bookfair (2008) will host a one-day exposition of books, zines, pamphlets, art, film/video, and other cultural and very political productions of the anarchist scene worldwide, on Saturday, April 12, 2008 at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan.


If you're in town for the NYC Anarchist Bookfair, you will most definitely want to head over to Bluestockings Bookstore to check out some excellent events being put on by our good friends over at PM Press


Friday, April 11th @ 7PM - Free
READING: Rick Dakan "Geek Mafia" Rick Dakan reads from "Geek Mafia" and "Geek Mafia: Mile Zero," his new series of techno crime novels.


Saturday, April 12th @ 7PM - Free
Come out for the release of a stack of books and celebrate with their authors. Friends, groupies, nay-sayers and strangers are all invited. Food, drinks and mingling are nice, yes? In the crowd will be crime fiction writer Rick Dakan ("Geek Mafia: Mile Zero"), artist Josh MacPhee ("32 Postcards", unstoppable Melody Berger ("F-Word Zine"), squatter artist Fly ("32 Postcards"), punk author Sascha Dubrul ("The Secret Life Of White People"), hothead creator Diane DiMassa ("32 Postcards"), and visionary Jennifer Silverman ("My Kid Rides The Short Bus").


Sunday, April 13th @ 7PM - $5 Suggested
SCREENING: Big Noise Films "The War Of 33" (2008, 30 minutes)
The documentary "The War Of 33: Letters from Beirut" is an intimate recounting of the 2006 war in Lebanon. The film's arc is provided by the letters of Hanady Salman as she writes of people's struggles to maintain their humanity. The universal story that emerges is one of love, resistance, and survival in the face of uncertainty and violence. PM Press will also preview Clifton Ross's documentary "Venezuela: Revolution From The Inside Out" and "3 Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation".

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  1. Je te souhaite que le voyage te soit plus profitable en 2008 qu'en 2007... ;-)