Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bloglet Subscribers, You Are Now Feedblitz Subscribers!

Well what do you know… i just noticed that my “Bloglet” service hasn’t been sending me daily summaries of my Sketchy Thoughts postings, and when checking i found out that some of my subscribers haven’t been receiving theirs either!

Wasn’t 100% sure why, but then i saw on the Bloglet site this note from May 15th about how the service was to be phased out “over the next weeks”… wish i’d seen that a few months ago…

In any case, looked a little further and saw this link to Feedblitz, so… you guessed it, you Bloglet subscribers are now Feedblitz subscribers!

Those of you who subscribed anonymously to Bloglet: i cannot import your addresses to Feedblitz so you will have to subscribe again. You can do so anonymously.

And all you who never subscribed: if you like this Sketchy Thoughts, i encourage you to do so. You will receive the titles of each post i make sent t your email box daily – no more having to check in to see if i have written anything.

I am adding the subscription box to my blog (see the column t the right) and also right here:

Enter your Email

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Thanks for subscribing!

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