Friday, October 07, 2005

In the Interim: A Photo

I started into the first chapter of Waring’s book yesterday, and feel that i may have not given her enough credit after having read her Introduction to the Second Edition in what i commented on about that yesterday.

Within the first chapter she does go further than in the Introduction in identifying the system as something somewhat more than simply saying that we are dealing with a case of accounting fraud here, and does acknowledge that an approach of merely tidying up the ledgers to include women’s work and the environment would have its limitations, asking “To what level would this method be effective, an at what point would patriarchy reassert its power?” (p. 10)

This is a question i imagine will be coming back to, but want to actually read more before saying more, so for the time being i am merely posting the following photo, taken in downtown Montreal a couple of years ago, which i believe nicely sums up where i see Waring’s argument going.

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